Hi! It’s you!

Since I set up this website (of which I am very fond), I have been spending my time on Twitter or writing at Substack, and it’s been a really great experience to meld my different facets of work down into one thing again. I have always done this — expand into different brands and set up social media for each one, and then inevitably I contract back into one multifaceted thing. I updated all my links, I think, so hopefully it’s easy to get my attention.

I’ve got chronic illnesses, I’m part of a big chosen family where we all pitch in to keep us moving forward, and I don’t have time to be all over the place. I just want to be where you can find me.

The design here has been updated to reflect the rainbow, to help signal to my fellow queer people (hello!) that I’m here to work with you.

I’m so glad you’re here. If you’d like to get content from me, you can sign up to get my writing at Substack: click here to go take a look — you can read my posts without subscribing, and I’m never going to charge for my work there.

One of the things I can do is support you as you create a plan for your death and dying. I know it sounds morbid, and maybe scary, but it’s important to take whatever time you need in order to put in writing what you want. This is especially true for us queer, LGBTQIA2S+ people. Our lifespans are different and our experiences with death are not the same as the type of people that usually want a deathworker to help in their final months.

I’m glad you’re here.


I am so happy to have finished putting together this website. I am sure there will be many iterations to come, but for now, my death doula Work has places it shows up.

It’s past 3am as I finish up this evening’s project, so I’ll end with a short list of the social sites where you can find and connect with me at Ever On And On.

Twitter: @_everonandon & @phoenixveritas

Instagram: @_everonandon

Facebook: @everonandon & Facebook messages at m.me/everonandon

May your dreams be sweet tonight.