About Nix & Ever On And On

An hourglass on a bed of small stones, tilted a bit to the left, its blue sand a little more than halfway gone
Photo by Aron Visuals / Unsplash

Hi! I'm Phoenix, and I am a trained death doula.

I am a queer white nonbinary person with chronic illnesses, and I live on Anishinaabeg land in what is called Michigan.

My life's purpose, as I know it so far, is to function as a deathworker. I am comfortable traversing the shadowed paths that lead through life and death and other places; I see all of life through darkened glasses and I cherish the beauty of small forgotten things that can only be seen when day is fading to night.

I trained as a death doula with INELDA in autumn 2020, and I am currently in ongoing training as clergy, learning ways to serve my community wherever I am. My queerness leads me toward supporting anyone in the queer community, and my spiritual beliefs lead me toward supporting the pagan community when and where I can.

I'm writing about end of life preparation, death, grief, hope, and going home. Paths That Lead Home is my companion publication.

Subscribing to Paths That Lead Home
Knowledge isn’t for me to keep, it’s for me to share when I know how.

Everyone dies, and some of us are queer.

I'm offering my work to you when you are in need.

This website is a way for you to learn something about why someone might want to hire a deathworker, and a way for you to remain connected to this work until the time is right for you (or someone you love) to engage with it.

We are a community understanding itself by how we choose, by the ways we love, and by the ways we learn to become interconnected, interwoven, taking what we need and giving what we are able. We learn together what it means to have joy and how to weep. If we are together, we are never alone.

When you're ready, take a look at the Offerings page. This is a not-sales-page that is hopefully useful to you.

If you're planning for costs, go to the Pricing page and you can decide what you want to do from there.