speak, friend, and enter

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Welcome to Ever On And On (the business) and Paths That Lead Home (the writing), a death doula service with a focus on working with my LGBTQIA2S+ community, writing essays, and sharing resources on end of life preparation, deathwork, grief, & going home.

An eye-contact selfie of me, a pale person with piercings, a tattoo on the arm bent above my head, and dark hair with some teal color on the ends.
I’m Phoenix Kelley, but you can call me Nix.

I am a trained death doula, and refer to myself as a deathworker and a griefworker. I wanted to offer a way for people to get resources and essays on death, on dying, on end of life work, on philosophies about death and a possible hereafter; so here is a way that will allow me to bring it to you.

Death is universal and it is intimate. It wears as many faces as there are people on this planet. Just as we all live, we will all one day die. I believe that death is not a thing to be feared. I think that the experience of the dying person should be centered and honored. I believe that their loved ones also need to be supported and that their grief is an important experience in itself.

I hope to meet you here, at the edges, where we can walk and think and ask for help when we need it. Here's more about me and what I'm doing with you and in our community. And here's a page with ideas for what we can do together.

'The Last Goodbye' sung by Billy Boyd